About me & my blog

Hi! I’m Kristan. I’m a historian and writer by trade, and this blog will be a place that I can share things I know: travel, baby gear, failed dieting, fun history (not the boring dates, old men signing stuff kinda history), and anything else that peaked my interest (home decor, mental health, etc). Please subscribe and join me as I navigate through the post-pandemic new normal…virtual community.

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Visit Morocco Blog

In this blog series, I’m going to cover some of my favorite cities in Morocco, from Chefchaouen (The Blue Pearl) to Kenitra, a virtually unrecognized gem in the beautiful Moroccan culture. Please subscribe and follow along as I take you through my second home…

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weird facts blog

In this series, I’m going to write about less mainstream history. It will be versatile (history from any and every genre). It will be weird. At times, it may be gross, but it will always be interesting.

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Parent Portal blog

I had my first (and only) baby last year…in the height of the pandemic…at 35 years old…So, in this blog series, I’ll be talking about all things baby. As an anxious mom, I researched the heck out of baby gear, food, and anything else baby-related. I’ll use this space to share what I found useful.

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just thoughts blog

In this series, I’m going to talk about everything miscellaneous that runs through my brain: failed dieting, ADHD, home decor, etc. There are no boundaries. This is the blog junk drawer.