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This part of my blog is dedicated to my second home, Morocco. I was born and raised in the United States, but my heart belongs to Morocco. My goal with this blog is to show you why.

Visit Morocco: Essaouira

This post is somewhat different from previous posts in this series. Essaouira is a special place, and I’d like to share it through the lense of my cousin’s camera. Thank you, Afaf, for sharing your photos and experiences on this trip with me, and thank you for allowing me to share them with others. West … Continue reading Visit Morocco: Essaouira

Visit Morocco: Casablanca

My last trip to Morocco was the first time I stayed in Casablanca. It was a short, but memorable stay. My husband’s aunt has a beautiful home in Casa, and we were fortunate enough to sleep there. Just beside us in the city was a small, neighborhood masjid (mosque), and we woke to the beautiful … Continue reading Visit Morocco: Casablanca

Visit Morocco: Marrakech

We stepped off of the train in Marrakech, carried our luggage through the station and out the front doors where a kind man named Abul Qadir, who knew every stretch of road in the city, greeted us with a smile and said “mrehba” (welcome). My husband’s brother had asked him to chauffeur us around during … Continue reading Visit Morocco: Marrakech

Visit Morocco: Kénitra

When I say that Morocco is where my heart is, I’m referring specifically to Kénitra. It’s part of a region consisting of three cities called Rabat-Salé-Kénitra. An easy 30-minute train ride will take you between the three, and a first class ticket is only 24 USD. Mehdya Beach When you take the road from the … Continue reading Visit Morocco: Kénitra

Visit Morocco: Chefchaouen

So much of what we see about the Arab world in movies and media does a great disservice to the beauty of its land and its people. Furthermore, North Africa is a part of diverse Arab cultures that are so rich, both in the beauty of its geography and the character of its people; yet, … Continue reading Visit Morocco: Chefchaouen

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