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So, 2020 was rough. I’m not the first say to it, obviously. Like so many others, this pandemic turned my world upside-down. I started 2020 fresh out of grad school with a new career in my field and map of plans for my future. I ended the year on unemployment with a brand new baby.

Since then, I’ve had to adjust to a new life and figure out what the post-Covid world looks like for me. Going back to work in the hotel industry is not an option, at least not for now. Therefore, here we are. I’m going to use this opportunity to do and talk about what I know and love: writing, travel, health/fitness (love/hate), baby products, and history…yes, I love history…but fun history (maybe even strange history). I’ll briefly discuss below some of the things I’ll talk about on this website.

Please join me and talk to me. We all need friends right now!

For the New Moms: Baby Product Reviews and Advice!

I spent my entire pregnancy in quarantine, which means I spent hours upon hours scouring the web looking for the best of every baby product. It was overwhelming. It was confusing and frustrating, and ultimately, it led me in circles until I found a way to reign it in. I’ll talk about everything from car seats to toys to baby food.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Of course, after I bought products, I often found something better and bought that as well (bought a travel system for $350 before the baby came…had a baby that has been consistently in the 99th percentile for weight…had to buy a new car seat when he was only 5 months). Sometimes it worked out; sometimes it didn’t. Follow along, and I’ll talk about all the amazing “must haves” and “mistakes.”

For the Travel Lovers: Visit My Favorite Places, Like Morocco

Obviously, I haven’t traveled in a couple of years, but I’ve seen some amazing places. I happen to have married a Moroccan American, so I have had a few trips to the beautiful sights and cities of Morocco. Let me (or my husband, really) tell you about all the best towns, mountain villages, sights, souks, riads, and desert destinations to visit.

Photo by Kristan Jennings, Chefchauoen, Morocco

I can’t wait to show you The Blue Pearl of Morocco…a city called Chefchauoen that you honestly wouldn’t believe is real without seeing it in person. I’ll take you through the old medina (city in Arabic) of Marrakech, where you can stay in shockingly affordable places that you’ve only seen in movies.
In my heart, travel is life. When (not if) this pandemic settles and life goes back to normal, I will be directly on a plane to Europe and Africa for more adventures.

True Crime and Strange History Lovers: I’ve Got Some Stuff for You

Guys, this area is where I THRIVE, HONEY! If you love a creepy, true story or a some weird, little-known history, I’m your girl. I have a Master of Arts in US Social History because nothing settles my undiagnosed ADHD brain quite like some weird people doing weird stuff. Also, I love real people making change in the world, especially during times of major struggle (sound familiar?). I could literally write a book, so buckle up!

For the Health/Fitness Strugglers: Follow My Journey into Intuitive Eating

I spent my life overweight. I’m a stereotypical millennial, coming-of-age during the dawn of low-rise jeans (a felony, honestly), photoshop, America’s Next Top Model, and fat-shaming Jessica Simpson, who has never been fat. I’ve tried Paleo, calorie-counting, miracle drops and vitamins, pills that “stop fat absorption” but just really make you poop nonstop, and Keto. Frankly, I’m over it.

Photo by Trang Doan on Pexels.com

I’m going to discuss my journey into intuitive eating and try to battle my horribly unhealthy relationship with food. I hope to find friends with similar food issues that also dream to break the cycle before we project more disordered eating habits onto our children.

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Please come along with me, and hopefully we can find a way to start healing together from the nightmare of the last year (ish). InshAllah, we can learn to trust other humans again.
All Love!!

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